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Transforming Tractors To Electric

Electric 2 wheel tractor organic farming sustainable agriculture
Cyber Clydsdale electric tractor farming

The concept of tractors originated in the 1800s, but it didn't become popular until the early 1900s. There were two main ways the widespread tractor came about: small companies popping up everywhere trying to make the most viable product and large agricultural enterprises like McCormick and John Deere who needed to drive their harvesters or pull their plows. As time went on, the largest tractor manufacturing companies, such as Fordson and McCormick, fell by the wayside, got bought up, and amalgamated. The only long-standing company in history is John Deere. However, in 2024, except for Monarch, EXD, and several other small manufacturers, nothing is going on with the big guys in the electric tractor space, just empty promises.

The issue with electric tractors is that they cannot be conceptualized like their diesel counterparts. They have very different strengths and weaknesses. A diesel can continuously burn and make power but requires a sophisticated powertrain that incurs losses, whereas electric is compact, intelligent, and on-demand. So, the question is, how do you conceptualize the difference?

At EXD, we have spent over 7 years trying to optimize tractors for the future. Instead of having job-specific tools like a mower, auger, mulcher, rotary hoe, etc., we have gone with a platform design. A platform is a unit that holds ready-made power in the form of electricity and is powered, meaning it can move. This is what a tractor essentially is. Moreover, we have made a dual-axis platform, The Cyber Clydsdale (forward, backward, left, right), and a 3-axis platform, Hand-E (forward, backward, left, right, up, down). With this, we can then make the implements to suit each industry's needs!

The beauty of the platform is that we can make more of the same base for everyone, driving down costs and increasing versatility. As far as I have seen, EXD are the only ones on the market who have harnessed the advantages of electric, as all the other companies are just trying to remove their diesel counterpart and jam an electric motor in its place.

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