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Why Revolutionise Electric Machinery & Electric Tractors ?

I started EXD with the clearr vision of 100% electric, thus making the worlds first fully Electric skid steer loader, do you want to know why?

When out and about meeting potential clients, i get the same rhetoric all the time "diesel is the way of the future" or " my great grandfather used diesel and so will I" and this makes sense if that's all you know. We as humans often fear the unknown, and thus resist change.

Well i would like to

Electric Skidsteer, electric dingo, electric bobcat
Hand-EWorlds first fully electric skid steer loader

tell you, diesel and ICE (Internal Combustion Engines) have there place in this world, however there place is increasingly in the past!

I like to take things back to basics, and the basic idea is "what is the most efficient way of storing and releasing power?" and before that where dose power come from? there is only 2 ways known to man of releasing power 1. fusion 2. fission (nuclear) and of these 2 up until a couple decades ago only one and that was fusion. If your wondering what I'm talking about this is the sun, a giant fusion reactor in the sky, which beams down energy to this earth to make all life on this planet possible!

So the question then is, 1. how do we harness the concentrated energy 2. how do we store it 3. how do we put it to use.

I am not going to deal with questions 1 and 3 , but quickly you could harness energy via, fossil fuels, potential energy (hydro electric dams) solar and wind farms, and you can use these energies primarily in the forms of kinetic (turning a shaft or pushing a rod) or radiation (heating or lighting). This is where we get back to the statments i referred to earlier diesel is a form of storage in fossil fuels, what's the up side? well, you can store energy fairly densely, easy to move, quick to refuel, and stable in its natural form for many years, however it has its down sides too! requieres large complex engines to transform it to useable kinetic energy, quite some time and pressure and some burying to make it come into existences, and then you have to dig it out and refine it with very big expensive equipment! Electricity on the other hand, with our technological advancements can be made easily from any where in the world, with very cheap equipment, than stored, or transfered unperceivably and i believe most importantly it can then be put directly to work where you need it with much greater efficiency! and this is the crux of the matter.

When it comes to our Electric tractors or Electric platforms, we can store multiple kwh of power invisibly, then use only what we require on the very points required (direct drive wheels, or reduction gearboxes on arm axis) without having the intermediary of a engine or a hydraulic system, then in the case of clients off grid, they can just be harvesting there own sunlight to charge it up agian to keep going, thus the whole cycle is shortened by thousands of years, and is 100% under the control of You!

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